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Champagne Brigitte BEAUFORT is a family estate created in 2008 in Bouzy, by Brigitte Beaufort with the help of her two children Anne-Louise and Pierre-Herbert, who are still working by her side to this day. In fact, Brigitte doesn’t not come from the Champagne world; she became a proud champagne winemaker thanks to her incredible enthusiasm and perseverance!

First, she had to go back to school to graduate as a wine-grower. Her ambition also led her to reclaim fullownership of her late husband’s vines in 2008.


The originality of her story can be perceived in the champagnes of the domain. Brigitte has decided to produce only micro-cuvées from the Bouzy terroir, all of them vintage and aged for more than 7 years in the cellar.

Each year, Brigitte elaborates her vintages from a blank page in order to create the most beautiful wines. To this end, she selects the best grapes of her domain, the heart of her vines or the "CŒUR DE GALIPPE" as the village elders say. As a result, the production remains confidential: 6,000 bottles per year, whereas the size of the estate would allow for the production of 40,000.

To highlight this meticulous work, each bottle is numbered and the consumer will also find the composition of the blend of the cuvée, its date of disgorgement, its dosage and the total number of copies produced. Thus, champagne lovers - whether novices or real enthusiasts - will find the essential information for a transparent tasting.


Brigitte wishes to transmit the DNA of the domain
which is based on 5 noble and strong values

The PASSION of being a winemaker
The HARMONIE of her vintages
The AMOUR of its land
The LIBERTÉ to create
The BONHEUR of sharing

In order to spread her DNA, Brigitte has decided to put it at the heart of her products. Thus, each vintage has a specific value and color to thrill all your senses! Let yourself be carried away in this universe by discovering the champagnes of the Brigitte Beaufort domain.

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