Our Galippes

Many words in the Champagne language describe the vines. Galippe (or galipe), is the one we cherish the most…

A strong environmental engagement

Her love “amour” for her land and her awareness of owning an exceptional vineyard have pushed Brigitte to adopt virtuous viticultural practices.

Every year, we adopt the practice of mating disruption in order to avoid the use of insecticide against cluster worms. In recent years, we have gone even further by using ancestral cultivation methods like alternating tillage and natural grassing. We have totally banned herbicides from our vineyard and we strictly limit the use of phytosanitary products.

All these efforts have been rewarded by the return of a true biodiversity in our vineyards and by the obtainment of a double environmental certification: Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne and High Environmental Value.

For preserved galippes

The recent upheavals on a global scale have left a lasting impression on the minds of the citizens of the blue planet, including our domain. Brigitte and her two children, Anne-Louise and Pierre-Herbert, have consequently carried out a great reflection on the future they wished to instill in the family champagne.

To meet the many challenges of the 21st century, we have chosen to start converting our vineyard to organic farming. A commitment in this direction cannot be made without a total investment and a rigor of each moment. Thus, to complete this inspiration, we have decided to go even further. Indeed, all the vintages now have a packaging designed and conceived in an eco-responsible manner. Labels made of recycled fabric fibers and non-polluting inks with natural pigments are one more step on the path of a viticulture that is ever more concerned with minimizing its environmental impact. With the aim of continuing to build the champagne of tomorrow.