Our Team

Brigitte Beaufort

Founder and Company Executive

“Every year, it feels like we’re starting from scratch all over again. My greatest pleasure is to discover each clear wine from our different plots, to taste them one after another, to start blending them without any preconception, to let my senses and my imagination run free. As time goes by, the vision I have for the vintage becomes more refined and I begin to catch a glimpse of the vintage or vintages I will produce. The most difficult thing afterwards is to be patient and wait so you can discover the cuvée I imagined 7 years ago!”

Pierre-Herbert BEAUFORT

Oenologist & Business Development

“My wish is to use the knowledge I acquired during my training as an oenologist to go further and further into the practice of precision and environmental-friendly viticulture. All this is dedicated to a single goal: reflecting the originality and richness of Bouzy’s terroir while producing with my mother the most possible natural champagnes!”

Anne-Louise BEAUFORT

Communication Manager

“I helped with the creation of our visual identity to make sure it suits us completely. I think that our logo, the four-leaf clover, or rather four hearts, and our slogan ‘COEUR DE GALIPPE’ enhance the work and the human adventure in which we have all embarked. I am convinced that the choice of a sober and elegant style mixed with a different color, full of pep, for each champagne reflects the confidential and exceptional character of the vintages my mother creates every year.”


Vineyard Technician

“Brigitte likes to say that I am her eyes since I spend my days in the vineyard. I make every possible effort to pamper the vines surrounding me. My ambition is to respect the vine’s vegetative cycle as much as possible, detecting its weaknesses and anticipating its needs to obtain best quality grapes during harvest time.”