Maison Brigitte Beaufort - Champagne à Bouzy Grand Cru

Brigitte Beaufort - Champagne à Bouzy Grand Cru
A new chapter

A future revisited

Twelve years after the creation of her first champagne brand, Brigitte decided to enter a new phase in her young house's history. Convinced that the promotion of Bouzy terroir goes through the production of bottles under her own name, she now wishes to transmit her identity's DNA through strong and noble values:
Passion of being a winemaker
Harmonie of her champagnes
Amour for her land
Liberté to create
Bonheur of sharing

Each bottle is now numbered. Either simple novices or real enthusiasts, Champagne lovers will also find several essential pieces of information on the label.

Every tasting is therefore accompanied by complete transparency for all consumers, including the blend's composition, the disgorgement's date, the dosage and the total number of bottles produced.

Fibres de tissu recyclé - Champagne Brigitte Beaufort
Minimized impact

A protected environment

Already rewarded by obtaining both the Haute Valeur Environnementale (High Environmental Value) and the Viticulture Durable en Champagne (Sustainable Viticulture in Champagne) certifications for her estate, Brigitte has once again placed the preservation of our planet at the very heart of her project.

Today, all of her different wines are packaged in an eco-responsible way. Labels, made from recycled fabric fibers and non-polluting inks with natural pigments, are another step towards a viticulture that is ever more concerned with minimizing its environmental impact. The aim is to continue building the champagne of tomorrow.

Brigitte invites you to wait a few more weeks to discover the whole of this project, decisively turned towards the future...